Meet Jack DeGroot

An aspiring leader, dedicated to unifying generations and cultivating a brighter future for all 

Early Life

Education & Experience

Sussex County Commissioner Race 

As a candidate for County Commissioner in the Sussex County Republican Primary, Jack DeGroot is committed to responsible, limited government that prioritizes people. He is dedicated to addressing the concerns of Sussex County residents, such as affordability, growth and development, community government disconnect, and a perceived disconnection from traditional values & Republican principles among his generation and the next. With his strong work ethic developed from his time on the farm, education, and experience within state government, Jack is a leader for the next generation of Republicans in Sussex County, and he is committed to unifying all generations to work towards a more efficient and effective county government.

Jack's first priority is to enhance financial responsibility and transparency. This involves developing and adhering to a long-term financial plan that prioritizes responsible resource allocation, debt management, and risk mitigation. In addition, Jack will provide regular and clear updates on county projects, initiatives, and budget allocations to ensure that taxpayers are fully informed of county activities. Jack believes that transparency and simplicity are essential to building public trust. Jack's second priority is to foster collaboration with local officials. By organizing joint meetings between county and local officials, everyone can discuss and address key issues affecting the community. Issues such as supporting the maintenance and improvement of Sussex County’s roads and bridges, which are vital for residents who commute outside the county for employment. Additionally, addressing the priority of enhancing services for Sussex County seniors. By coordinating with the Division of Senior Services, Jack ensures that essential nutrition programs, educational initiatives, and on-site assistance are provided, thereby safeguarding the well-being and support of the county's senior citizens in any economic climate. This collaborative approach not only fosters innovative solutions but also creates a sense of unity and shared responsibility among county and local officials, ultimately resulting in a stronger and more vibrant Sussex County This approach leads to new ideas that, when properly developed and acted upon, can create innovation. Jack firmly believes that collaboration and innovation will ultimately lead to an easier life for the taxpayers. Finally, Jack's third priority is to promote responsible development and support for local businesses and farms. This includes encouraging sustainable development that prioritizes the community's long-term interests while preserving Sussex County’s unique heritage of open space and farmland in addition to our cultural identity.