Jack's Love For Sussex County

Jack considers himself blessed to have spent the majority of his life in Sussex County, where he was raised on his family's dairy farm and gained valuable experience in agriculture. The county holds a special place in his heart, providing him with a sense of community and a wealth of opportunities throughout his upbringing.

In Jack's view, the true beauty of Sussex County lies in its citizens, who make it a wonderful place to call home. The community is renowned for its warm-heartedness and neighborly spirit, where individuals are always willing to offer a helping hand and look out for one another. For Jack, it is the people of Sussex County who define it as his home, as their kindness and unwavering sense of community have made it a place he deeply loves and holds close to his heart.

His involvement in 4-H, particularly as a decade-long member of the Top O' Jersey Beef Club, gave him a comprehensive understanding of different farming techniques and types of farming in the area. He is passionate about the agriculture of Sussex County and strives to provide local farmers with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive and succeed.

Basketball was also an important part of his life in Sussex County, as he played in various recreation leagues, school teams, and AAU teams. Even during his four-year basketball career in college, he made sure to return home and play in the Sparta Summer Basketball league to stay connected to the community. This sport has given him countless opportunities to meet and connect with people throughout the county.

His faith and desire to help others were nurtured through his involvement at Frankford Plains United Methodist Church. He is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have greatly shaped who he is today, and he is proud to share his love of Sussex County with others.